Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Funny Love Poem

Funny Love Poem

If you are trying to write a funny love poem for a certain situation, the most important thing to remember is allow yourself plenty of time.

It is worth spending a little time making some notes and keeping a log of funny moments that you can include in your funny love poem.

The start of the funny love poem is probably the most difficult, once the beginning is down on paper you may find the rest will flow.

An example of how you could start your funny love poem :

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention please?
Because every now and then in life,
there's opportunity you should seize.

And happily, that moment is upon us,
after all, my daughter has just got wed,
and even though I have a lump in my throat,
there are some important words that need to be said:

A funny love poem is something that can be written for fun or even given as a gift.

I will be updating this blog with more examples of a funny love poem so be sure to check back soon.

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